lewie4weeksMy latest born just turned 4 weeks today and I’m ecstatic that we’ve made it to this point without any big issues.  He is perfect in so many ways and is a wonderful baby.  He’s grown about one pound a week with the exception of his first week where he gained 2 lbs!  Our pediatrician was pretty impressed, too.  We don’t really swaddle him anymore, I think we stopped after a week.  He seems to be fine without it, but he does like sleeping on his tummy which, to me, is kind of a swaddle, because he feels secure.  It’s also been really hot here, so that’s another reason.

Our one hiccup we’ve had was a clogged duct that I discovered last Wednesday and I thought I would be able to have him nurse it out as soon as I got home since the last time it happened my other son successfully did it pretty quickly (from what I can remember).  Well, that didn’t happen.  The lump grew into a swollen, reddened and hot area on my boob.  I ended up getting a fever, chills and a horrible headache that night that went into the following day.  It was pretty challenging to continue to nurse and change his diaper in the wee hours of the night, but I trucked on through.  During the day, I had no energy to do anything and slept A LOT.  I feel like I broke a fever 2 or 3 times.  It was draining.

By Friday late afternoon, I was able to get up and have dinner with the family.  I had hardly eaten anything in the last few days besides fruit and some soup.  I was applying heat and massage intermittently, taking hot showers, drinking pineapple juice, and reading on other home remedies to try, but no avail.  The lump stayed.  Finally, Saturday I tried applying cabbage leaves to reduce swelling and the cool of the leaves felt good on my skin, but I couldn’t tell if they were doing anything.  I kept applying everything I’d been trying along with praying that the clog would dissolve.  On Sunday, I noticed that a lot of the swelling had gone away, there was hardly any redness or heat and my headache was gone.  The lump was still there, so we weren’t in the clear and I was worried.  I contacted my OB on Monday and she said that maybe the cabbage did help it, but it’s not something she could admit to even if she did know that’s what it was.  I’m not even sure it was.  Maybe it was just the course of time that helped get it to where it was.  She said that maybe it was working it’s way out and to keep massaging it and to call her in a week with progress notes.  The one thing that she assured me of was that it wasn’t an abscess, which is what I was REALLY afraid of.

So, I’m still working on it and, hopefully, it’s gone in the next few days.  Meanwhile, my little Llewelyn is still doing amazing, even if he does have his baby acne going on right now.  He’s still a perfect, precious little being.