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Every night I nurse the baby about every 2 hours and 5 or 6am rolls around and I think, ‘man, I’m tired, I’m going to get some rest later today.’  I get up and help get my son off to school then continue with the morning. Sometimes the days are a little busier than others, but soon enough lunchtime comes and then the afternoon when my two toddlers are back together and I’m non-stop doing stuff. Bath time comes, then dinner happens and by that time, my shoulders are so tight that i tell myself, yet again,  ‘I need to get a massage. ‘ And that day never comes. I’ve been very close to scheduling a session, but it just never happens. By the time bedtime rolls around, I just want everyone to go to sleep, me included.  I crash out really hard and then the baby wakes me a couple hours later. I think that’s the roughest time, because my body is just starting to get some rest. I know this won’t last as the baby will start to sleep longer through the night, soon, but man it’s tough right now.

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  1. Hope you’re getting more sleep and rest! Love the blog!!

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